July 2014 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Empowering others with dignity and respect

It is often said, “Success is easy to achieve, but tough to manage”. It is true that people, who reach the higher side of the professional ladder, are termed to be more successful, but I wonder how true is that in reality? For how long and till how far are those successful people able to justify their achievements? Do they give this achievement, the owed respect which it is deserves, or do they give respect in humanity to other people who have not attained success? The same things have different views at these kind of moments.

It’s time to surprise everyone with your greatness

There are several talks these days of “finding your calling” since most people typically know themselves. I can vouch for it that you already know yourself and your capabilities like no one else. If you are reading this post, you are probably self-contemplative and have been refined on the key abilities you already excel in. The tricky part however is that you have not polished your capacities and put yourself in a situation to let your exceptional skills to shine through. You are most probably only going with the flow of the river.

Leaders must focus on greater good of the society on the whole


The current turbulent times call for leaders who are not just clever but also wise. Wise leaders focus on strategies that aim at the  greater good of not only an organization but also of an individual and thus society on  the whole. The more those communities, organizations and the world-at-large hire  such leaders, the better results it will yield. And the more accomplished we become at  identifying the potential for such inspiration in younger generations – and helping  them foster these qualities.

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