August 2014 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

An Entrepreneurial Journey – Philosophies to Live By

As an entrepreneur, at some point of time, you will have to discover your path all by yourself: for your work as well as personal life. It took me several years to learn what I know now, but the fact is that my yearning to learn is not over yet. Trust me, the best entrepreneurial lessons I’ve learned have been rather simple ones. It’s from everyday lessons that we often come across but fail to notice. Here I will share some of my entrepreneurial lessons I have learnt from my business philosophies

Are Leaders Born or Made

At Jaipur Rugs, we have devised Grassroots Leadership Development Program to mold future leaders. The Leadership Development Program is my way to ensure more of our team members at the grassroots, become managers and supervisors, with progressive decision-making and implementation skills. The aim of this program is to include the next generation of the weaver’s family in the supply chain. But again, the question remains – Are leaders born or made? My answer is simple.