January 2015 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Happiness is More Than a State of Mind

“The key to life is happiness” is a saying that is often quoted by people no matter where you are in life. Of course everyone wants happiness in life but what exactly is happiness? The definition is different for everyone.
For some, material things such as a big house, fancy car and high-paying job is what makes them happy. For others it is the opposite – living a simple and sober life is what brings them joy. I would have to say that I fall into the second camp.

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Transform the Office into a Place You Want to Go

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Creating the perfect workplace for employees – and as a consequence, employers themselves – is nearly impossible. Personalities conflict, work experiences clash and people bring past negative experiences with them.
It has always been an immense source of pride that my company is a place of learning, loving and leadership. But no matter how hard we try, negative forces will pop up and make certain working situations difficult.

Hope Is the Sliver of Light That Guides Us

We are barely a month into the New Year and are replete with hope and excitement for what is to come. No matter what has happened in the previous year, the promise of new beginnings fills our hearts with joy and hope.
But as we all know this feeling gradually fades as time progresses. Resolutions regarding weight loss, quitting vices and overall self-improvement are tossed out the window like yesterday’s newspaper.

A Simple and Often Overlooked Solution to Hate

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The unspeakable tragedy in which terrorists callously murdered over 100 school children is an act that has shocked and saddened the world. As a father, I cannot imagine what the parents of these young victims must be going through. This event is seen as so horrific that even other militants have condemned it. It seems that tragedies such as this are occurring with greater frequency. After each event, we always ask ourselves “why?” The parents of these and other victims rightly want to know what their innocent children did to deserve such an outcome. Of course, these children did nothing to deserve such a fate but these questions remain.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

As another year has started, I am reminded of how fast time goes by. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was beginning my journey in the carpet business, setting up looms and training villagers about the art of weaving.
I am amazed at how quickly my little business, which consisted of two looms and nine artisans, has grown. I am immensely proud of the network of 40,000 artisans that we have created across six states in India.