March 2015 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Live a Life Worthy of Dignity and Respect

The most common definition of success is associated with material wealth. If a person has a high-paying job, big house and nice car, they are often thought of as successful. But this same person, while seemingly perfect on the outside, may have family problems, health issues and general dissatisfaction with life. The materially wealthy person keeps buying physical things because they think that will bring them happiness. But they continue to struggle and cannot understand why. The more things they collect, the emptier they feel. Friends and colleagues may openly admire such people but they continue to feel unfulfilled.

Helping Ourselves by Helping Others

Every person on earth has the ability and capability to do great things. Problems arise because these very people may not have the support or means to do so. This is where we can all help. Encouraging others to reach their full potential is a noble and valuable way to help people reach their full potential. When watching the news, it seems like there are so many problems in the world. It is true that the global community is facing difficult situations but the solution lies in all of us. In other words, there are many talented people out there who just need a little confidence in order to help to begin solve these problems.

Don’t Let Your Ego Stand in the Way of Good Leadership

The ego is a powerful and dangerous thing. While people with big egos may look very confident on the outside, it is the insecurity inside that makes them behave in such a selfish manner. The fear of how one appears to others, the sense of entitlement that those with large egos have ultimately causes their downfall. Oxford Dictionaries defines ego as “A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.” Self-esteem is a very important trait in a person but self-importance can be detrimental. When one thinks only of oneself, there is no room for inclusion.

A micro Google in making

Mr. Arun Singh the General Manager – Human Resource at TATA Bluescope Steel visited Jaipur Rugs Company in December 2014 and was pleased to see the functionality of the organization about which he posted on his official Linkedin page, which i would like share here-
It was a cold, foggy, overcast and windy morning in the pink city of Jaipur. Not the best way to begin the New Year 2015. The cold was biting and even in the day time, with there being no sun to dispel the mist and clouds, it needed some efforts to venture out of home.

Without Trust There is Nothing

Trust is one of the hardest things to gain and easiest to lose. It is the basis for all relationships – personal and professional. Earning the trust of employees and customers is one of the most difficult yet extremely important aspects of business.
An organization can have all the strengths and benefits in the world – solid products, financial backing, skilled employees and more – but without trust, the business won’t go very far. So, it is very important to run a organization in positive direction.