April 2015 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Cut Out the Noise and Let the Quiet Emerge

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Gandhi
These are wise words from a wise man who was ahead of his time. We live in a noisy world. People seem to be almost screaming to be heard over the din of traffic, car horns blaring constantly and idle chatter. In the business world, there is similar situation in that the loudest people are often the ones who are chosen for a particular job or task. These types of individuals are assumed to be confident and smarter than their reserved counterparts.

Open Your Heart and Mind to The Possibilities

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As a budding entrepreneur in the late 1970s, I learned the process along the way. I attended what I call the “school of hard knocks.” Although I had some support, the majority of my “training” came as a result of learning as I went along. So many years later and I continue my education, which I view as a lifelong process. I made some good decisions and I made some bad ones. But one thing is for certain: I have learned a great deal since the early days. As such, I believe it is my responsibility to give back and share some of the business skills I have gained.

Everyone Should Have a Place at The Table

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Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility. — Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the United Nations.
As a father of three bright, well-educated and well-informed young women, I am proud to say that my daughters are employees of my company. I have always believed that men and women are equal and have included my daughters in my business not because they are related to me but because they are appropriately suited for the work.

Love and Accept Yourself


Many years ago, I started a journey that was different from what my peers were doing and diverged from what my family expected and wanted me to do. I was only able to find the courage to venture out on this course because I learned to accept myself as I am. This is not as easy as it sounds. We hear people say all the time that we should accept ourselves and others as they are, but do we really do this? I think the answer is no. We may, at first glance, appear to welcome others with open arms. But I think very few people accept everyone as they are – flaws and all.

Finding Beauty in Imperfection

“To err is human; to forgive, divine” Alexander Pope
This famous quote implies that when someone makes a mistake it is better for us to forgive them. But what about us, when we ourselves make mistakes? Shouldn’t we also forgive ourselves? Making mistakes, in my opinion, can be a valuable thing and have a positive outcome. There are many examples of people who we think of as “perfect” as having failed – often a few times – before achieving success.