October 2015 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Try to Find the Richness in the Smallest Things

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nkc thumbnailEveryone, it seems, wants to be rich. People start businesses with dreams of making it big and prospering. Others play the lottery, hoping that luck will be in their favor and they will win big. For those with little or no money, the idea of monetary wealth means that all of their problems will be solved – in theory. Worrying about earning enough income to pay bills, feed, clothe and educate children and just making ends meet will be a thing of the past, many often think, if they just had a lot of money.

Let Go of Your Ego and Everything Will Fall into Place

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NKCIn order to be a good leader, one of the most important traits to have is empathy. We have to understand our customers and our employees. We must recognize the place from which they come. Only then can we truly serve them and be most productive.People often confuse sympathy with empathy. Sympathy is the act of feeling bad for someone whereas empathy is putting yourself in another person’s place. For example, if someone you know is in a serious accident, sympathizing would mean that you feel badly and hope they recover quickly.

Make a Difference One Step at a Time

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NKC MOU AwardI recently came across a blog post from Richard Branson who suggested five ways to change the world. I am a follower of Branson, the founder of Virgin Group and a big promoter of conscious capitalism.
The insights Branson provides on changing the world are useful indeed. Often, many people want to help but feel overwhelmed because there seem to be so many problems in the word. But Branson illustrates that taking small, practical steps can have a powerful impact.

Think Differently and See Where It Takes You

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stand_outIn the business world, there are certain set ways of doing things. Certain similarities exist between all businesses. For example, the role of human resources department remains pretty much the same throughout all business, no matter the size or type. But some methods of doing things are unique to each company. For example, a human resources department at one organization may do things in a completely opposite manner than an HR department at another business. This is a good thing. Businesses should be mindful of not copying one another or doing things in the “usual” manner.