January 2016 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Meetings Do Not Have to be Miserable

MeetingsWe have all sat through them, watching the clock and counting the seconds until the dreaded meeting is over. Employees may think they are being punished for having to attend meetings! And while the vast majority of meetings may seem like a waste of time, organizations cannot live without them. Meetings are a sort of necessary “evil.” We need them to discuss projects, generate ideas and to measure progress. But meetings can often seem pointless.

Mindfulness Plants the Seeds for Conscious Capitalism

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mindfulnessMindfulness is a topic that I’ve written about before but I’d like to revisit it as we begin a brand new year. I am a firm believer in conscious capitalism and spend a lot of time promoting its benefits.But in order for conscious capitalism to take a better hold among business, “traditional” leaders have to change the way they think about things. By traditional, I mean those CEOs, COOs and other high level managers who only goal is monetary profit.

Take the Time to Appreciate Employees

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nkcI think all leaders can agree that they would be proud to be the heads of successful organizations. There are many methods to improving business and achieving this success. Top business schools from around the world have their programs on how to build capable leaders and, as a result, great organizations.While not discounting such methods, I believe building successful and worthy organizations is simple: respecting employees. This is often overlooked in the race to make profits and that is unfortunate.