April 2016 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

We Need to Treat Employees like Customers

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employee-as-customersIt has always been my mission and passion to make sure that my employees are treated fairly and with the utmost respect. There is no compromise when it comes to this idea. So it is refreshing and encouraging to hear more and more companies and organizations accept this idea. Previously, the thought of treating employees well or even equally was viewed as a ridiculous notion. The hierarchy at most companies was set in stone, with leaders and managers at the upper levels and the employees working under them.

Make Meaningful Connections with your People

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meaningful-connectionsRecently, our company was featured in an exciting new video produced by Bain and Co., a leading management consulting firm. The short film showed how Jaipur Rugs, like many companies who experience growth over the years, can often become complacent and forget their original insurgent mission and frontline passion.

Don’t Let Fear Stand in your Way

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fearnotThere are a host of talented and hard working people in the world. These people have out-of-the-box ideas about a variety of things but one factor may hold them back. It is not financial issues or lack of education but something else. Something that can be far more debilitating. What exactly is it that prevents people from taking the necessary steps to pursue their dreams and contribute ideas and businesses to the world? Fear.