June 2016 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

How To Be A Conscious Leader

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LeadershipIn order for organizations to succeed in this day and age, we must wholeheartedly accept and practice conscious capitalism, which is defined as doing business in such a way that everyone benefits – consumers, shareholders, employees, investors and the community at large.
Back in 2013, Forbes published an article titled “Only Conscious Capitalists Will Survive.” The headline says it all and the article states that conscious capitalism is indeed profitable. Consumers are demanding more from their products these days.

Lead your Team with Optimism and Confidence

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optimismOn the surface of things, many of us would find it hard to be optimistic when looking at the world around us. There is so much death and destruction on the broader scale. Then on a smaller scale, we have work deadlines and pressure and family obligations.
We would not be blamed for feeling gloomy all the time. However, we should rise above all this and realize that there is a silver lining hidden amongst the dark clouds. Leaders, especially, must learn to be optimistic, because it is the leaders who everyone look towards for guidance.