July 2016 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Don’t hide behind a façade – be true to yourself

Don’t hide behind a façade - be true to yourselfWhen we go to the office everyday, a part of us stays behind. There is our office mode and our personal mode. We have to act a certain way when we are at our place of employment. Work is work after all, and we have to be serious when we are dealing with managers, colleagues and business associates.
This results in a loss of authenticity. We are not our true selves when we walk through those office doors everyday, and this is a shame. Read More

Unburden Yourselves From Wanting

Unburden yourselvesIt is my strongly held belief that the richest people on earth are the ones who lack desires while the poorest ones desire the most. It is a simple yet complicated notion because it is a natural feeling to want things. But wanting things ultimately leaves us empty.
Many of us confuse “wants” with “needs.” To survive, humans need very little: sustenance and shelter. These things are absolute necessities for human survival on our planet, so it is fair to say that we need food, water and housing.