October 2016 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Kindness Does Not Cost A Thing

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Kindness does not cost a thingThe image of bosses is mostly one that is negative. They are seen as tough, hard-nosed, uncompromising and often just plain mean. The prevailing attitude is that employees should be afraid of their bosses. The thinking goes that if workers are scared, they will work more.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the word “boss” connotes negativity and when people hear the word, they are usually not happy. This mistreatment of employees may have been acceptable decades ago but things are changing and for the better.

Together We Are Stronger And Can Accomplish So Much

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Together we are stronger and can accomplish so muchA while back I had written about a great new initiative started by noted businessman Richard Branson and other entrepreneurs with the goal of putting humanity back into business. For far too long, compassion and generosity have been missing from the corporate world.
Instead, business organizations are looked upon as nameless, faceless behemoths with the sole focus being profits and answering to shareholders. And in many ways, this is an accurate picture. Read More