January 2017 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Organizations With A Higher Purpose Win Over Consumers

Organizations with a higher purpose win over consumersConscious capitalism seems to be gaining more and more attention lately and that is wonderful. A group of like-minded business leaders met for the 10th annual Conscious Capitalist Summit in Austin, Texas, a couple of months ago. This annual meeting brings together those people who believe that the bottom line isn’t the end of the line.
Conscious Capitalism Inc. is co-founded by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and Raj Sisodia, Read More

Founders Should Not Box Themselves In

Founders should not box themselves inWhen companies are young companies – like people – they are exuberant, full of life and ready to go. Nothing is off limits and experimenting is viewed as the norm. The founding members and entrepreneurs do not ever seem to get tired and are constantly coming up with new ideas to make their organization stand out.
But there comes a time in the life of the company when it things gradually go on auto-pilot. Read More

Treat Employees Like Your Own Family

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Treat employees like your own familyEarlier this week, jobs website company Glassdoor released its annual rankings of the best places to work. The list is based on employer feedback, which is something that more and more companies are paying close attention to and rightly so.
Businesses that made Glassdoor’s list include Facebook and Google, organizations that are both known for positive work environments. Consulting firm Bain and Co. tops Glassdoor’s list as the best place to work. Read More