May 2017 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Make A Change And Feel The Difference

Make A ChangeNo one ever said that change is easy. We are set in our routine and are used to our familiar surroundings. Imagine having to move after living in a house for many years. In that time span, many memories and milestones have accumulated.
Leaving a job is another difficult change that many endure. You may have built lifelong friendships and learned from mentors. Beginning a new employment chapter can also cause distress. Read More

Employees Need To Know That They Are Valued Members Of The Team

Employees Need To Know That They Are Valued Members Of The TeamAs regular readers of my blog will note, I love promoting the idea of conscious capitalism. I believe that this system is the way forward for all businesses and is something that needs to be embraced fully.
Along with conscious capitalism comes the idea of care capitalism, which means supporting and nurturing the talent and potential of your employees. Finding and then retaining talent has become a big issue in the business world. Read More

Wake Up And Embrace Consciousness

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a rising phoenixIn ancient mythology, the phoenix is described as a magical bird that dies in a fury of flames but then is reborn from the ashes. It is a well known tale that represents rebirth and renewal.
The state of capitalism can be described as an example of a rising phoenix. We all remember the economic crisis of 2007. In the aftermath, it became clear that some large businesses were directly and indirectly responsible for the mess due to greed and corruption. Read More

Get To Really Know Your People

Get To Really Know Your People - NKCFor a person to be a good leader, he or she should know their organization inside and out. This includes not just being aware of who your employees are but actually getting to know them. Of course, in today’s hectic world it seems almost impossible to get to know everyone at a company on a very personal level, especially at large organizations.
However, leaders must try to incorporate this method into their day-to-day operations. Knowing your employees and ensuring that they feel acknowledged and appreciated is one of the most Read More