June 2017 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Why Hide Behind A Facade ?

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Jaipur Rugs & customer relationThere is a lot of buzz about corporate social responsibility these days and for good reason. Consumers want to know they are patronizing companies that are doing good for the people and the planet.
Companies are catching on to this sentiment and many have incorporated various CSR programs. This is a very positive step in the right directions. Read More

To Keep Employees, Keep Them Motivated

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motivating-employeesIt is no secret that the majority of organizations have a tough time retaining employees. It is difficult to find honest, sincere and hardworking employees in the first place and then trying to hang on to them often seems almost impossible.
Companies and people have changed over the years, and so if we want to keep good employees, traditional ways of doing things must begin to change. Read More

Make Your Purpose Your Business

NK ChaudharyWe live life with a purpose. Whether it is to take care of our family, excel at a chosen career, help others achieve their goals – or all of the above – there is a driving force present. If we all have a desired goal or objective, then it makes perfect sense that our organizations should also function with a purpose.
Most businesses operate with the goal of gaining profits and appeasing shareholders. Read More

Keep the founder’s mentality alive and well

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Keep the founder’s mentality alive and wellCreating a business enterprise is like having a child. The founder acts like a parent, nurtures the organization as one would do a living being, imparts knowledge and values and then eventually, takes a less participatory role in the hopes that his or her efforts will result in success.
My business has always been close to my heart as I sacrificed quite a lot in order to see it flourish. In addition to turning down a potentially lucrative and stable job, Read More

Help Others Help Themselves

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Help OthersThe goal that I and everyone at Jaipur Rugs strives for everyday is to create beautiful hand woven rugs and through that process build a just and equitable society. But what we do not believe in is handouts.
While it may be easy to just throw money at every problem, this is not a viable or sustainable option. As the famous quote goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Read More