July 2017 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Good Leadership Is Good Business

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Good LeadershipSir Richard Branson, the British investor, philanthropist and founder of the Virgin Group is a conscious capitalist in every sense of the word. Conscious capitalism is a business strategy that takes a holistic approach and works to leave the world a better place.
Branson supports a wide array of causes including the environment, promoting world peace and funding budding entrepreneurs. Read More

Follow Your Heart, Not Your Pocket

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Follow Your Heart, Not Your PocketThere is such a massive change happening on the business front that it is often hard to believe. A growing number of organizations are embracing a new bottom line: humanity. This transformation in attitude has to do with a change of priorities. In the old model, profit was king whereas now the bottom line isn’t the sole focus.
Consumers have driven this shift and that is why it is important for organizations to understand that Read More

Live In The Now!

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MindfulnessOften, it seems as if the world is in chaos. We are bombarded with seemingly endless
negative news. Work and family obligations can become overwhelming, leading to personal turmoil and frustration.
It can feel like we are running in circles trying to catch up. This makes us irritable and we eventually lose touch with our inner emotions. Read More

Make A Sustainable Connection With The Earth

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Make A Sustainable Connection With The EarthGandhi ji was very clear about India’s villages, where the vast majority of her population lives.
“I would say that if the village perishes India will perish too. India will be no more India. Her own mission in the world will get lost. The revival of the village is possible only when it is no more exploited.” Read More