December 2017 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Empower Employees To Use Their Creativity

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Empower Employees To Use Their CreativityImagine having such immense talent that you are able to create something that touches the hearts and souls of people thousands of miles away. This is not so difficult to envision when you meet members of what I call the “Creative Caste.”
Caste has a very negative connotation in India and rightly so. When I was younger, I saw the divisions that were made on this basis and I really disliked it. Read More

Do Your Employees Trust You?

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Do Your Employees Trust You?The perfect workplace is one where members of the leadership team inspire employees to such an extent that they are motivated and feel free to be creative and dedicated to the company mission.
However, nothing and no one is perfect. But we can strive to be the best we can be with a little tweaking. One such factor that can make a world of difference Read More

How The Right Culture Can Attract The Best Employees

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How The Right Culture Can Attract The Best EmployeesEmployee retention has become an issue for many companies. Finding the right people, then interviewing and determining who is qualified and compatible is a time-consuming endeavor and one that has lasting effects on the overall organization.
It is a gamble when hiring someone. If you make the right hire, then that is great for the company and the time spent wading through resumes and profiles. Read More

Change Your Attitude About Solitude

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Change Your Attitude About Solitude NKCThe world is connected like never before. The world-wide web, electronic devices and quicker modes of travel mean that the world is getting smaller and our lives are becoming more intertwined.
We collaborate, brainstorm, have group dinners – every moment seems to be filled with some activity and with someone. In fact, finding a moment of solitude seems near impossible and even frowned upon. Read More