March 2018 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Don’t just be good – be great

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Don’t just be good – be greatThere are good companies and there are great companies. The good companies are led by competent people who are intelligent, have business savvy and are confident and competitive. Great companies are led by people who encompass all of these traits plus compassion.
Compassion is a missing component from companies that are good. While these organizations may perform well and keep stakeholders happy with the progress, they most likely Read More

Leaders can take inspiration from top athletes

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Leaders Can Take Inspiration From Top AthletesThe world’s elite athletes are currently gathered in South Korea for the winter Olympics. It is here that the top performers from various countries compete with one another for the gold. What these athletes do to reach this point is not that different from what the most effective leaders must also accomplish.
So, it comes as no surprise that many athletes are also successful entrepreneurs. Among tennis stars, Venus Williams has an interior design company while Anna Sharapova began a candy line. Read More

Be The Kind Of leader Who Inspires And Motivates

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Be The Kind Of leader Who Inspires And MotivatesGood leaders share common characteristics. They are compassionate, honest, responsive, fair, courageous and much more. These attributes add up to a person who brings out the best in others. Arguably, this quality is the greatest strength of a leader.
A good leader inspires others to do their best even – or especially – when the chips are down. That is because good leaders understand that they are working with human beings, not machines. So, it makes sense to focus on bringing out the best in everyone around them. Read More