Don’t lose your consciousness in an unconscious world - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

September 11, 2018 | No Comments

I speak a lot of consciousness and how businesses today are awakening to make deeper connections with their customers and employees. When I began my business years ago, there were no such terms such as “consciousness” or “mindfulness” but when I look back, I think many of us have been practising these things for years.It is only in recent times that the focus on leadership has been to be more compassionate and caring. And while many organizations realize the social and monetary benefits of conducting business in a more holistic and conscious manner, not everyone agrees.

There is nothing wrong with this because you cannot force such ideas on people. We all have different ways of looking at the world and approaching work and our relationship with others. Working with others who have a very different outlook than our own is not uncommon.

Some people may not be aware of consciousness or inclusive capitalism yet and that is OK. However, a person who has experienced consciousness may find it difficult to interact with those who are “unconscious.”

So, how do conscious people interact and work with those who are not yet conscious? First, it is important to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong in not achieving consciousness or practising consciousness. Although I personally practice consciousness and mindfulness because I have seen the benefits of it, I have also learned that it is not up to me to impose my beliefs upon others.

In fact, in situations when you deal with those who are unfamiliar with consciousness, your own learning is reinforced, according to Jim Dethmer, founding partner of the Conscious Leadership Group.

“As you bump up against their unconscious actions you get to learn from your reactions to them, learn what pushes your buttons, and re-commit to your conscious action,” writes Dethmer.

Next, for those who are not aware of consciousness, they will most definitely notice a change in anyone who has embraced this concept. This is an opportunity for conscious souls to educate others about its benefits. This is also another opportunity to reaffirm these actions within yourself.

You will always come across people who are not conscious or mindful. This should not be discouraging but rather it can strengthen your personal resolve to be more awake and mindful of your own actions and contributions.

Remember that as a conscious leader, you are bringing a new and dynamic way of thinking to your employees and customers. Small steps lead to big changes!

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