Heartfelt connections expand our horizons - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

September 19, 2018 | No Comments
Jaipur Rugs Weavers
Growing up in a small town in India means that many things in the outside world are inaccessible. It wasn’t until I grew older and met people from India’s larger cities and even abroad that I encountered certain concepts. 
Of course, this was a long time ago and things have changed drastically, mostly due to technological changes. But even today, when most people have access to smartphones and internet, they continue to be separated from the world.
But now, many of our rural artisans have found a way to make a profound and meaningful connection with people thousands of miles away. This happens through the weavers’ sheer artistry and when customers encounter their artwork – the rugs.
Art reaches beyond countries and I am so delighted that our hardworking and talented weavers have such an impact on customers all over the world. These people who live in remote parts of India transcend borders and boundaries when they weave. It allows a meeting of two different worlds.
This has a powerful impact on both weavers and customers because they become exposed to worlds they never dreamed of seeing. Exposure to new and different things is what helps us as humans to expand and grow.
There’s no difference in a business situation. When everyone in an organization is continuously exposed to new ideas and people, their perspective grows and deepens.
This has a powerful impact on the entire organization because when this happens, you have at your disposal a bank of knowledge and concepts that can transform your company into a dynamic and influential force.
I have always believed in lifelong learning. Education does not stop when school ends – in fact, I would argue this is when learning truly begins. This is something that the most effective leaders keep in mind.
Just because the leaders and top managers are at the highest level of an organization, does not mean that they should believe they know everything. Unlearning is the most important educational process. When we unlearn, we are more open to different ideas and to make connections with people. Our weavers and our customers know the value of such connections, which grow – one masterfully woven carpet at a time.

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