Reap the benefits of being grateful - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

November 06, 2018 | No Comments

Being thankful for what you have is such an important part of life and really puts trivial complaints and annoyances into perspective. When we embrace gratitude, life is more fulfilling. But did you know an attitude of gratitude can also give leaders a business edge?People often feel gratitude when we are gathered with family members during big holidays or when a stressful situation occurs. Why don’t we feel this same level of thankfulness when we see our family members on routine occasions? Why doesn’t the emotion of gratitude take over our everyday lives?

Take for example a person who has survived a car accident. He or she may immediately be very thankful for being safe and alive. They will make promises to make each day count and feel thankful for everything they have. But soon, this feeling fades away.

This is unfortunate because feeling gratitude actually feels good. When we are thankful, it helps to calm and ground us. This is very important in an increasingly hectic and stressful world. And gratitude can have immense benefits in a business setting, especially when communicating with employees.

“I truly believe that gratitude, when it’s genuine, has the power to help transform the emotional bankruptcy we feel when confronted with negative feedback,” writes Camille Preston, CEO and founder of AIM Leadership, in Forbes magazine. “The challenge is to start turning feedback, which is generally negative, into gratitude.”

Preston goes on to say that when feeling pressure at work, lashing out at your employees will accomplish nothing except for making them feel angry and inadequate. Instead, if some employees are late with a report or project, send them a quick note telling them how grateful you are to have them as part of the team.

Not only does this diffuse any tension, but it also gives a boost to the employee who will also feel gratitude and work hard to complete his or her task. It is easy to lose our temper in a few seconds but much harder to contemplate and think about everything we are thankful for.

You can’t truly consider yourself successful unless you find a way to really feel thankful for all the success that you have garnered. So, take some time each day to consider the things that make you grateful. No matter how tough things are, you can find something that makes you and everyone around you smile.

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