Organizations with love at the core thrive - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

December 06, 2018 | No Comments

We live in a world where too many people are focused on making money at any cost. The reason for this attitude and the core of this thinking comes from a place of selfishness. When someone is only concerned about monetary things, he or she is only thinking of themselves.These types of people are not leaders in the true sense and while their companies may thrive momentarily, it won’t last. The antidote to this self-centred thinking is simple – leading with love and purpose.

This is exactly what conscious people did recently in the U.S. during a meeting called the Lead with Love Summit, an annual event for “heart-centered leaders” that features conscious capitalism, meditation and a focus on the social impact of businesses.

Speakers included the fathers of the conscious capitalism movement Raj Sisodia and John Mackey, who stressed that love needs to be at the core of every organization.

“Love is something you do at home, or you do in yoga class, or you do with your friends but you’re supposed to check that at the door when you walk into this corporate office,” said Mackey. “And yet love is not lazy. Love is the strongest thing, and the reason why conscious capitalism is going to win in the long run and the reason love is going to triumph is that it works better. It’s not weak; it’s strong, and companies that release love win.”

The opposite of love is normally thought of as hate. That makes sense but I would consider fear to also be the opposite of love. Fear is what causes hate. Organizations and individuals who are fearful will often take out this emotion on those weaker than them.

When this happens, those at the lowest levels of society are not operating out a sense of loyalty but instead are afraid and feel forced. This stifles imagination and creativity. And leaders often assume that practicing conscious capitalism is bad for the bottom line but the opposite is true.

As Sisodia points out, having a purpose in life should be the goal of individuals and organizations. Leading with a purpose makes one realize what is truly important. Consumers are increasingly demanding that the products they buy are produced and sold in a socially responsible manner. This is a trend that is not going away and will only increase as time goes on.

“Companies that operate in this way create a lot more value in the long term because they have people who are deeply engaged in their work, they have customers who are deeply loyal to the business, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing or on sales, they have suppliers who are helping the business get better and investors who are patient,” Sisodia tells Aspen Public Radio.

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