February 2019 - Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Lead with joy and gratefulness

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The ultimate goal for most of us is simply to be happy. What makes us happy differs greatly from individual to individual. An old saying goes that money cannot buy happiness but too often people believe that material goods are the key to satisfaction. Read More

Taking small steps to make a powerful impact

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The way we treat the earth reflects who we are as human beings. That is why I believe strongly in organic farming and sustainability. For too long, we have treated the planet as a garbage receptacle. In the same way, many people do the same to their bodies when choosing what to eat. Read More

Lead with clarity

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I recently came across a philosophy called “The Four Agreements” that is discussed in a book by Don Miguel Ruiz. Basically, the philosophy argues that all children are born happy, loving and genuine. It is when they are taught other concepts by adults, that behaviour changes, often in a negative way. Read More