A New Year’s wish to grow social consciousness

A New Year’s wish to grow social consciousness

As we close out yet another year, many people take stock of their accomplishments and what they would like to achieve in the future. Others feel gratitude for their place in the world. While I am proud of my successes, I do feel more comfortable counting my blessings.I am thankful for so many things, chief among them my precious and talented family. I am also happy to work with such an amazing network of gifted artisans who are the backbone of my organization.

I cannot properly express the gratitude I feel for having met and studied rural artisans so many years ago because it is they who are responsible for my current achievements. Looking toward the future is important but so is taking stock of how we have gotten to where we are.

I also feel very thankful for the increasing trend of companies adopting conscious capitalism by focusing more on their internal culture, employees and ethical business practices. Operating a business in a socially responsible manner is no longer the exception to the rule – it is slowly but steadily becoming the rule.

For example, Netflix places an enormous emphasis on company culture. The company is growing at a steady pace and one of the main reasons is because the company focuses heavily on its culture in a real and meaningful way.

“If you want to build an innovative, disruptive, high-performance, rapid growth company that attracts and retains the best talent, then you need to be deliberate about the culture you create,” writes CultureGene CEO Bretton Putter in an article in Forbes.

Inc.com looks at a few trends that top companies are adopting to make businesses stand out from the rest. One key trend is investing in people. People are at the forefront of any organization and if they are neglected, then it is only a matter of time before the entire operation falls apart.

“By investing in people and infrastructure you invest in the root (people and systems) of the business which ultimately produces the fruit (results),” according to the article.

Employees should also be developed. In other words, not everyone has the exact skills that a firm may be seeking. Intelligence, loyalty and a sense of commitment are important to building a concrete company culture. Skills can always be developed later. In fact, employees appreciate this commitment to helping them grow because it shows that you have faith in their talent and abilities.

Finally, don’t focus too much on what type of degree a person does or does not have. Most of my artisans lack any formal education but the work that they do cannot be matched by those who have graduated from top educational institutes.

Appreciating and respecting all beings – regardless of their social status or educational background should be the goal for everyone moving forward. I am glad to say that an increasing number of organizations are getting this message. I hope to see more of this in the new year.

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