Can business be a nourishment for the soul & elevate people to a higher purpose?

Can business be a nourishment for the soul & elevate people to a higher purpose?

Nourish the soul so your business can reach new heights..
Business has traditionally been viewed solely as a means to make money. In that pursuit, those at leadership and management positions have worked hard to make their organizations successful at any cost with little to no regard to human value.

Because of this, many people feel a void within themselves that has become hard to fill with material things. Most people mistakenly feel that making a lot of money and buying more and more things will make them happy. They soon discover, however, that material things do little to feed the soul.

We can see so many ashrams or religious channels on TV trying to cater to this hunger that people feel. What I have observed is that the more people try to fill the void with fake or unauthentic dogma, the more these people move away from what they really need – other people.

As such, their minds become distorted and they do not realize what they should do. It is comparable to having a fever. When someone is sick with a fever, he or she does not know what to do. They only realize that they are suffering and that changes need to be made.

Medicines or ashrams will not heal this type of fever. The only cure for this is nourishing the soul. And the way to do that is through love. This is very simple and extremely difficult at the same time.

No one is born with preconceived notions about others. This happens with time and the influence of others in our life. There are some who look past differences and realize that everyone is the same no matter their position in life. For others, it is much more difficult and they always view anyone less educated, less wealthy or less refined than themselves as beneath them. People who have not realized the power of love are blinded by prejudices and distrust.

As a result, most business have lost sight of people. This makes no sense because it is people who are the soul and foundation of any organization. Transforming organizations from profit-centered to people-centered has innumerable benefits.

The trend today is for customers to patronize those businesses who focus more on doing good for everyone rather than just benefitting financially. People want to know that their hard-earned money is helping others rather than lining the pockets of those who already have more than their fair share.

Business can transform into people-centric organizations when people nourish their souls through love. Opening yourself up to other human beings, interacting with and learning from them is best way to do this. When you create an organization based on love, then people’s wounds heal and they can see others clearly.

Everyone has a story to tell and we should all listen carefully. When this happens, the old way of doing business will slowly die out. No business can compete with such an organization. By nourishing the soul, everyone’s efficiency and creativity reach higher levels – taking the entire organization with them.

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