Finding your passion means being true to yourself

Finding your passion means being true to yourself

People often say they are searching for the truth. This could mean the truth about the world at large or simply just honesty and certainty in people. But what is interesting is that many times, people present a facade of themselves to the world.

Many people pretend to be something they are not with the goal of impressing others. This could be when meeting people for the first time or during a job interview. Whatever the situation, presenting a false sense of oneself is a troubling but often unavoidable condition of the human experience. This is especially true when doing a job.

So many people work at companies but have no real connection to them. Work is a place that one must go for eight-plus hours a week to earn a paycheck. They don’t see anything else in their work other than a means to earn money.

However, people who are passionate about work are being true to themselves and make the best employees because their job is more than just a paycheck. For these types of people, making a meaningful impact takes precedence over money. This is the type of employee I want working at my organization.

Our people are encouraged to achieve results by following their passion — even if this means that a position or department needs to be changed in order to achieve this. It is more important that our people find their passion rather than going about their day in a mindless manner just to please managers.

In the past six months, we have recruited more than 30 individuals who are driven by their passion. These people are true to themselves and this has made a huge and positive impact within Jaipur Rugs.

This same philosophy holds true at the grassroots level with weavers. Women weavers have achieved 100% on-time delivery with zero defects. This is because these artisans are doing something they love on their terms. They believe in themselves and in what they do. This attitude is definitely reflected in their beautiful art.

Once a person finds their passion, the results are amazing. That is because an employee is doing something they want to do. We all enjoy doing things that interest us. Why can’t this be the same at work?

Those individuals who are true to themselves and follow their passion will be the ones to bring great change to companies and the world and society at large. Be honest, find your passion and transform the world.

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