Lead with joy and gratefulness

Lead with joy and gratefulness

The ultimate goal for most of us is simply to be happy. What makes us happy differs greatly from individual to individual. An old saying goes that money cannot buy happiness but too often people believe that material goods are the key to satisfaction.Others find immense joy in their family, friends and careers. These types of people do not place emphasis on material things. People and experiences matter more than monetary benefits.

Happiness means different things to different people but society as a whole tends to think that financial gain and material wealth brings satisfaction. Of course, it is nice to be financially secure and not have to worry about paying bills. But money cannot replace the intangible things that family and friends can give us.

Perhaps we place too much emphasis on being happy, in the traditional sense. In other words, too many of us think that having the perfect job, house or partner will make us happy because we focus too much on what others think of us.

What truly matters is what we think of ourselves and the gratitude we feel for simple things. This is especially important for those in leadership positions. It is up to us to guide others and emphasize what is really important.


Being grateful is important because it affects our entire outlook. Grateful people tend to treat others more kindly and respectfully. That is because being thankful comes from a place of humility, which translates into empathy.

It goes without saying that grateful leaders are more generous because of this empathy. They can relate to others on a different level and this means seeing the potential that some might overlook.

When you are a grateful leader, there is no room for envy or hostility. Feeling angry and jealous burdens you with unnecessary weight. Free yourself from this weight and find true happiness and satisfaction by leading with gratefulness.

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