Leaders are only as good as their teams

Leaders are only as good as their teams

If you want to know what makes a leader great, look at his or her employees. Without my team, I am nothing and neither is my organization. They could easily do without me, but I would be lost without them. Finding individuals who together form the dedicated and creative core of the company is priceless.People often want to know what leaders and managers do all day. One of our most vital tasks is giving importance to our teams. I do this by building a heart-to-heart connection with them.

I trust employees and I want them to take ownership. When workers feel this trust, they will proudly perform and their creativity and dedication will shine through.

(Leaders) “make sure their teams have a clear mission and think like owners of their little patch of the business,” says Sandy Ogg, formerly senior operating partner at Blackstone and founder of CEOworks. “At the same time, they take it on themselves to ensure the team benefits from being part of the larger company.”

One such example of trust reaping benefits is embodied in woman named Bimla Devi. Through our Artisan Originals program in which weavers are given artistic freedom to create rugs from their own designs, Bimla Devi formed a rug of her own. She used her rural surroundings and day-to-day routine to produce a unique work of art.

Bimla Devi, like most of our weavers, has no formal design training, lacks formal education and has spent most of her life in a small village. But her rug was so impressive, that it took her to another continent. Bimla Devi traveled this year all the way to Frankfurt, Germany, to collect the 2018 German Design Award. She has been weaving for a long time and has experienced many hardships in her life but has not let anything stand in her way.

Not only is she an inspiration to her fellow weavers, Bimla Devi is also a huge point of pride personally. Looking at positive financial reports or the bottom line does not bring me joy. It is the weavers like Bimla Devi who give me profound happiness and make me feel like I am a success.

A person like Bimla Devi is the reason why I started my company. My vision is to uplift society. Whether that means providing the tools to help someone become literate or advancing their knowledge of weaving techniques, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to work with dignity and love.

While working to make an organization a financial success is crucial, leaders cannot overlook the importance of their employees, who are the core of the company. Each individual person is as meaningful to your company as the next. It is the duty of leaders to nurture and inspire their team because leaders are only as good as their teams.

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