Make heartfelt connections with those around you

Make heartfelt connections with those around you

We live in a world where increasingly we are spending more time in front of screens instead of interacting with human beings. We have computers, smartphones, television with a seemingly endless number of programs to watch.While staring at screens might be great for entertainment, I fear that people are slowly losing their ability to connect with others because they spend too much time alone and isolated. And because of this phenomenon, humanity loses out. When we as people fail to make real connections with one another, then we also don’t place enough value on others.

The solution to this problem is more talking and even more listening. By listening I mean truly hearing what someone else is saying. If you don’t really listen when others are speaking then you miss out if someone trying to make a connection.

People basically just want a little respect. When you do not listen to them in times of need, then you are showing them disrespect. You are saying to them that their time or issues do not matter.

We work with different types of people – some talk a lot while others stay quiet. There are stereotypes associated with both types. Talkative people may be thought of as silly and lacking depth while shy people are often seen as aloof and distant.

Both stereotypes can be wrong because chatty people may be nervous and talk too much and quiet people may be afraid to speak. It is up to us to make both types comfortable so that they can make connections with others.

When working with others, you are part of a team that should be cohesive. There needs to be a level of trust among team members so they feel comfortable. When this happens, the level of creativity and collaboration increases.

Give everyone a chance to have their voices heard and listen from your heart so that you can make a real connection. It is only when we make this connection that we can have productive and meaningful dialogue that leads to beautiful, heartfelt interaction.

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