Take your Company Culture to the Next Level

July 30, 2019 | No Comments


Creating a successful business means developing the company culture that attracts world-class talent to your organization. Without a supportive and creative culture, the people you hire will be temporary, and you can forget about accomplishing any long-term goals.

These days most companies are working hard to create a culture that fits their needs and organization best. However, try as they might, some businesses end up creating a toxic environment, which can be worse than having no established culture at all.

“A great culture can encourage recruitment, retention and long-term happiness among employees,” according to a post written by the Forbes Coaches Council. “A toxic culture, on the other hand, leads to high turnover, low productivity, and poor team morale.”

There are clear warning signs to look out for if you suspect that a toxic environment may be formulating. While it is best to recognize and fix the problems as soon as possible, sometimes we cannot see what is right in front of us. One sign of a bad culture is that there is a false sense of peace and unity. In turn, it leads to a climate in which people are afraid to be honest if negativity arises. In the long run, this creates resentment among employees. The solution to this is to ensure everyone that they are free to speak their mind when issues arise. Make them feel comfortable when discussing negative things about work. No one should feel like they will be punished if they complain about something.

Second, restricted interaction among employees and teams can hamper progress seriously. When people keep to themselves, there is not a free and flowing exchange of ideas. Creativity is hindered, and the organization does not move forward. Gossip is one thing that is hard to avoid, and it is difficult to find a company where people do not partake in this bad habit. However, an organization that has people continually gossiping is one that does not have a strong foundation. In this kind of environment, people feel free to talk negatively about their bosses and co-workers instead of respecting them. In turn, this wastes time and creates hostilities. While it may be hard to enforce, it can be a good idea to create a policy that discourages gossiping. Then make sure that workers are listened to so that they do not feel the need to gossip with others.

Lastly, an obvious sign of a toxic environment is a high turnover rate. Employees won’t stay long with an organization if they are unhappy and feel stifled. Creating an environment where everyone is valued and respected can lead to long term results that will bring your company’s culture to the next level.

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