The one emotion that will take your business to new heights

The one emotion that will take your business to new heights

People often ask me what is the secret to success. These people are usually looking for some business formula or method that will translate into overnight success. Not only do these folks realize that there is no such thing as quick success but they are often unable or unwilling to understand what is the basis of true success.

When I give my answer, many think I am joking. That is because I believe that any organization that wants to succeed in this day and age must include love as the foundation of its culture. In my opinion, nothing worthwhile happens without love – and that includes developing a good business plan.

After graduating from college, I had to make a very important decision. Choosing the safe path would have given me a steady job and financial security. This would be the dream of any young person. Yet, I was not convinced that this was the path that I was meant to follow.

I struggled with my choice but eventually decided that I could not be happy in a standard 9 to 5 type of job. After much reflection and thought I realize that my dreams lay in the rural artisans who create carpets.

Having observed these artists since I was young, I was very familiar with their work and lifestyle. It became my passion to make sure that these the skills that these people possess were nurtured and preserved.

This all came from a place of love. Of course, I needed to support myself and my growing family, but that need was secondary to the work of promoting rural craftspeople and their art.

Traditional business people laughed at me when they discovered how I was running my business. But these people did not understand because they operated not with their hearts but with their egos. I can’t blame them because that is how business has always been traditionally run.

Even after all this time and success to back up my experiment, some people still do not understand this concept of having love as a basis of everything you do in business. Fortunately, many people are waking up to conscious capitalism and are realizing that profits can no longer reign supreme over people.

With love comes trust. Placing trust in someone or something is one of the hardest things that we can do in life. When we trust someone fully, then we become vulnerable. If things go as planned, then it is good. But if we are cheated, then we are heartbroken.

During my years, I have trusted people and I have been cheated. But one thing I did not do is to lose sight of the love in everything. I trust and love my workers. As a result, I receive the same back. When employees feel they are trusted, they will give you loyalty and work hard to complete your mission. There are times when the trust is broken but you cannot let that bring you down because the rewards of infusing love in everything you do is well worth it.

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