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Weaving as meditation

The weaver’s hands move back and forth in a repetitive motion, taking brightly colored yarn in and out, in and out intertwining the threads that result in a work of art. The work that carpet weavers do may look mundane and monotonous to the outsider looking in, but this is a form of meditation.

One of India’s most enlightened sages, Sant Kabir Das, was a weaver and wisely viewed work as meditation. You do not have to be particularly religious to view work as a form of worship. Focusing on the work and feeling a sense of oneness with work is a form of worship. When we do this, our work becomes even more fruitful.

Kabir achieved enlightenment through his worship of work. He saw god in his work and did not view it as a burden. Instead, work was seen as a stepping stone to meditation. When we are keeping our hands busy, our minds quiet and we can find peace within us. A famous poem by Kabir illustrates the connection between work and a higher power.

I weave your name on the loom of my mind,
To make my garment when you come to me.
My loom has ten thousand threads
To make my garment when you come to me.
The sun and moon watch while I weave your name;
The sun and moon hear while I count your name…
MovementI strongly believe that our artisans are able to create such beautiful work because of their mindful connection to the act of weaving. These rugs are so beautiful that they can be hung on walls as works of art. The repetitive motions of weaving are a form of meditation. When focusing on the loom and threads, these artisans are making a real connection with the work at hand.

The work that our artisans do provides them with an income for sure, but it also imparts a sense of pride because they are able to be self-sufficient. Theirs is a form of work that is dying out and the talent they display is very rare.

Weaving is surely a meditative art form because it activates creativity and increases mental retention. One of our most successful programs allows weavers to design their own rugs. These artisans have no training in design yet they create the most beautiful rugs based on their surroundings and environment. The carpets that result are simple yet powerful masterpieces graced with spirituality.

51349551_2159754607672519_2789636981657698304_nIt can be said that the weavers’ work – or any work for that matter – is a form of karma yoga. When we all approach work with this ethos, then our task becomes an act of worship and the result is powerful. It is only natural to have a desire to be rewarded for our actions. When we go to the office every day, we are not doing this for free. But if we do work with the attitude of a selfless mindset and just for the sake of doing work, then the rewards are endless.

We can all learn a lot from Kabir and from weavers. Find peace in your work and you will truly be content and satisfied with life.

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