Unlearning- Key to your inner self

About this book

Unlearning is not forgetting rather formulating one’s mind to step out of the existing world and create a new one.

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Reviews for “Unlearning: Key to you inner self”

“..what you have added brilliantly is that with knowledge comes ego, and with ego comes a need to defend a position, to battle against others….”

James Allen
Sr. Partner, Bain and Company

About the ebook

As I reflected on my life irrespective of where I’m now, I realised it is unlearning what brought me to overcome my obstacles and engineer my flaws.

I believe no matter how old you are, the circle of learning, unlearning, and relearning will always guide you throughout your journey.

This illustrated ebook is the product of my experiences and thoughts. I hope you find it resourceful.

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