Sphere of Totality

Totality is to be as it is. Totality is to be whole, to be complete. To be complete means to be in the now, to accept the present as it is. In the present is where we exist, the past is what has been, and the future, only a desire. While perfection is a goal somewhere in the future, totality is an experience here and now. A goal is incomplete because it has not happened yet, while totality is not a goal, it is a way of living.

In totality, the opposite complements. Where there is wisdom, there is foolishness. Where there is good, there is bad. Where there are plains, there are mountains, and vice versa.

Totality is to become one with the basics, to become one with the being. It finds a place for all that is desirable and all that is rejected. It treats everyone equal yet unique. It starts and ends, but never dies.

Totality celebrates uniqueness and is not ambition. It is a journey to know and discover oneself in the most natural form. A man with totality acts but never appropriates. To do something wholeheartedly is to do it with totality; when your body, mind, and heart are working together. With totality comes love, compassion and devotion.

In the villages of rural India, the rug completes the home. It empowers the disadvantaged person, gender, and community. It provides sustainable income and a creative outlet. In the city, it brings to the home, the warmth of nature and emotions & blessings of our artisans as it connects the two hands together, making Jaipur Rugs a healing organization.

Before the rug, there is nature, and as the rug fades away, it is once more a part of nature. In its journey from birth to death, it continues to be total as it heals each hand it passes through, without bias.

Businesses will become whole through what they are missing; love, compassion, and healing. They are whole when the artisan and customer are connected, completing the ecosystem.

Sphere of totality, is the personification of this ecosystem which is all-inclusive and imperfect, it is complete but continues to adapt, it grows from start to finish, but is also without end. It is as it is.


I have always been an advocate of for-profit solutions to social issues. Business can transform societies. They understand how to operate, how to truly serve customers, how to make a profit. When driven by love, they can truly transform individuals. Then they will not only succeed, but they will also heal society.

“Finding yourself, through losing yourself. The more you will lose yourself, the more you will find yourself.”

The purpose of my life has been self-discovery, and self-exploration. Life is a continuous search in self-discovery and surrendering to a purpose that’s bigger than one’s own self. Through this process, one can succeed in letting go of all of the anxieties, fears and ego that stop people from growing and experiencing what is pure.

“Business is next to love, it is the creator and preserver of civilisation.”

Love is the one word that sums up my philosophy. When you are on the path of self-discovery and self-love, it starts overflowing and reaches the other. It is only through love that my journey with weavers has brought me this far. It is that overflowing love that empowered them to believe and co-create, and make what is now Jaipur Rugs.

This is my totality. In finding more of my inner workings, I realize that I am part of an even bigger picture. And as I learn to love what makes me, me, that love keeps reaching out to rekindle the love in others.

My mission is to connect our artisans to themselves by nurturing their creative capacity. They are empowered to fulfill their aspirations and live a dignified life. Their art brings blessings to the home of our customer, while the customer directly supports our artisans in their journey. As each artisan becomes complete, they participate in completing a home. Then together, they become complete.


समानुभूति (Empathy)

When I first started working with carpets, I became a weaver. I was rejected by my family and society and worked at the loom. The struggles of the weavers became mine. By embracing this, I could share their struggles and use my strengths to find ways to make it better as a companion. I was and will always be a weaver first, businessman later.

साझा ज्ञान
(Shared Wisdom)

I learned to weave from a weaver, I learned to check quality from a contractor, and I learned a customer’s needs from a customer. Everyone is inherently a master of their own experience. The answers to our questions can come from anyone. A qualified professional may have all the technical information on rug weaving, but the artisan knows the experience.In combining the two, the experience comes together with the knowledge and becomes complete.

विनम्रता (Humility)

Humility is in realizing that all are important to the whole. Without the artisan or the customer, there would be no Jaipur Rugs. If all are important, there is none greater or smaller than the other.

This importance does not lie in equality, but in uniqueness. We are important, and we are unique. In this we become part of the ecosystem with our true selves.

सत्यनिष्ठा (Integrity)

Integrity means to be who we really are, only then we can find our purpose. In working with our weavers, I learned that simplicity brings integrity. Our artisans are simple people, with honesty to themselves and their work.

सरलता (Simplicity)

When we become ourselves, we are simple. It is when this simplicity combines with the simplicity of another that comes together and creates a beautiful story.