This is the time to pause, to introspect
and to reflect!

To Everyone,

I’m hoping you find this message in good health and safety.

People around the world are in a panic, and they need healing. This disastrous infiltration of Covid-19 reflects that for a long time now humanity has forgotten to take a pause, to reflect, and to acknowledge the fundamental reason for their co-existence. Perhaps now, is the time to do so.

For years, businesses and economies around the globe have been running through increasing consumption and producing wastage. This pattern has to be stopped now. This is the time to break our autopilot mode of life because if we continue like this then the end to the world would be definite.

The old and ancient wisdom of the world has always advocated that when you get everything, you come back to the basics, to the basic human needs.

I believe though a challenging time, it’s also an opportunity that nature has brought to all of us to slow down and begin our journey inside. Businesses need to re-evaluate how can they bring love and care to their customer, because only the one who brings it, will survive.

On behalf of the entire Jaipur Rugs & Jaipur Living family, I request you to pursue this pause to slow down. Viruses like this may come and go, but now is the best time to introspect about what brought us here. Know that this is not the battle against a virus; it’s the battle against our past conduct.

Stay safe, stay indoors and remember that, ‘this too, shall pass’.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary