Don’t Be Afraid To Act On Curiosity

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Don’t Be Afraid To Act On CuriosityThe old saying that “curiosity killed the cat” evokes negativity about being inquisitive because the idiom warns that doing so will end in disaster. While it is never good to be overly interested in things that don’t concern you, lacking curiosity makes for a bad leader.
When a person is curious it also demonstrates that he or she has humility. Curiosity is part and parcel of humility because asking questions means that you are admitting that you are not aware of something and need help. Read More

Learn To Be Fearless

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Learn To Be FearlessBeing afraid is a common emotion. We can be fearful of many things – heights, spiders, the dark. These are common fears. Another one is being afraid of the unknown and this is a condition that can be more difficult to overcome than being afraid of the dark.
The unknown is scary because of the great sense of uncertainty. It is hard to anticipate what will happen, so planning becomes difficult. However, this type of fear should never stop you from doing what you want. This is especially true of good leaders. Read More

Make Sure Your Organization Stands The Test Of Time

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Make Sure Your Organization Stands The Test Of TimeMost of the world’s business entities begin within families. An astounding two-thirds of organizations are made up of family businesses and almost every type of economy has some form of family owned and operated business.
Nothing can replace the bond that forms between family members and their businesses. That is why so many of these types of firms survive the long haul. And something they have in common is longevity. Read More

This Year, Resolve To Become A Better Leader

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This Year, Resolve To Become A Better LeaderIt is that time of year again when people make New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of improving themselves. Most resolutions are health related – exercise more, lose weight, eat better.
In the professional realm, business leaders can take this opportunity to improve the health of their leadership skills by making some simple changes or improvements. Throughout the year, I’ve come across a wide variety of ways in which fellow leaders are working hard to become even better leaders. Read More

Four Ways To Make Employees Love You

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Four Ways To Make Employees Love YouCompanies that can retain valuable employees all share common traits, according to Glassdoor, a website that allows employees to evaluate their organizations. Besides obvious factors such as competitive salary and opportunity for advancement, employees want to work for a company that has a clear mission and where they feel valued, among other things.
Glassdoor has been conducting this survey of employees for the past 10 years and they report several Read More

Great Leaders Live In The Moment

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Great Leaders Live In The MomentImagine you are in a meeting asking about a project or report that has been overdue for quite some time. Yet again, you are told that it is not ready and are given some excuse or another.
Your instinct might very well be to get angry and to demand why the project isn’t complete after all this time. You could publicly chastise and humiliate those involved. This might make you feel better by letting of some steam but it won’t produce the results that you were asking for in the first place. Read More

Empower Employees To Use Their Creativity

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Empower Employees To Use Their CreativityImagine having such immense talent that you are able to create something that touches the hearts and souls of people thousands of miles away. This is not so difficult to envision when you meet members of what I call the “Creative Caste.”
Caste has a very negative connotation in India and rightly so. When I was younger, I saw the divisions that were made on this basis and I really disliked it. Read More

Do Your Employees Trust You?

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Do Your Employees Trust You?The perfect workplace is one where members of the leadership team inspire employees to such an extent that they are motivated and feel free to be creative and dedicated to the company mission.
However, nothing and no one is perfect. But we can strive to be the best we can be with a little tweaking. One such factor that can make a world of difference Read More

How The Right Culture Can Attract The Best Employees

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How The Right Culture Can Attract The Best EmployeesEmployee retention has become an issue for many companies. Finding the right people, then interviewing and determining who is qualified and compatible is a time-consuming endeavor and one that has lasting effects on the overall organization.
It is a gamble when hiring someone. If you make the right hire, then that is great for the company and the time spent wading through resumes and profiles. Read More

Change Your Attitude About Solitude

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Change Your Attitude About Solitude NKCThe world is connected like never before. The world-wide web, electronic devices and quicker modes of travel mean that the world is getting smaller and our lives are becoming more intertwined.
We collaborate, brainstorm, have group dinners – every moment seems to be filled with some activity and with someone. In fact, finding a moment of solitude seems near impossible and even frowned upon. Read More