Three Ways To Bring More Humility To Your Leadership

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Leadership without EgoEgo is defined as a person’s sense of self-esteem. Ego has a mostly negative connotation while self-esteem — if not overdone — is more positive. It is good to have a healthy and positive outlook about oneself. In the business world, it is almost mandatory to have confidence. No one is inspired by a person who is timid and weak.
While self-confidence is admirable, too much ego is never a good thing in any aspect of Read More

Life Is A Balancing Act

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Life is a balancing actWe live in a world where people are often consumed with themselves. They focus only on their issues and problems, forgetting that everyone has difficulties. I think it is fair to say that most of the world’s problems are caused by selfish people who want benefits only for themselves.
But there is a great distinction between those who only focus on themselves to the detriment of others and people who place a priority on themselves in order to become centered. Read More

A Company Of Value Will Value Its Core Mission

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Core Value Small ImageWhen a company has core values, mission and a vision, there is no stopping what can be done. However, it is not enough to just create these three characteristics, there also has to be a constant emphasis on these elements in order to create great company culture. The way to do this is to continuously keep them in mind and impart the characteristics to your subordinates.
Marissa Levin, founder and CEO of Successful Culture, suggests several ways in which to do Read More

Good Leadership Is Good Business

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Good LeadershipSir Richard Branson, the British investor, philanthropist and founder of the Virgin Group is a conscious capitalist in every sense of the word. Conscious capitalism is a business strategy that takes a holistic approach and works to leave the world a better place.
Branson supports a wide array of causes including the environment, promoting world peace and funding budding entrepreneurs. Read More

Follow Your Heart, Not Your Pocket

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Follow Your Heart, Not Your PocketThere is such a massive change happening on the business front that it is often hard to believe. A growing number of organizations are embracing a new bottom line: humanity. This transformation in attitude has to do with a change of priorities. In the old model, profit was king whereas now the bottom line isn’t the sole focus.
Consumers have driven this shift and that is why it is important for organizations to understand that Read More

Live In The Now!

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MindfulnessOften, it seems as if the world is in chaos. We are bombarded with seemingly endless
negative news. Work and family obligations can become overwhelming, leading to personal turmoil and frustration.
It can feel like we are running in circles trying to catch up. This makes us irritable and we eventually lose touch with our inner emotions. Read More

Make A Sustainable Connection With The Earth

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Make A Sustainable Connection With The EarthGandhi ji was very clear about India’s villages, where the vast majority of her population lives.
“I would say that if the village perishes India will perish too. India will be no more India. Her own mission in the world will get lost. The revival of the village is possible only when it is no more exploited.” Read More

Why Hide Behind A Facade ?

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Jaipur Rugs & customer relationThere is a lot of buzz about corporate social responsibility these days and for good reason. Consumers want to know they are patronizing companies that are doing good for the people and the planet.
Companies are catching on to this sentiment and many have incorporated various CSR programs. This is a very positive step in the right directions. Read More

To Keep Employees, Keep Them Motivated

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motivating-employeesIt is no secret that the majority of organizations have a tough time retaining employees. It is difficult to find honest, sincere and hardworking employees in the first place and then trying to hang on to them often seems almost impossible.
Companies and people have changed over the years, and so if we want to keep good employees, traditional ways of doing things must begin to change. Read More

Make Your Purpose Your Business

NK ChaudharyWe live life with a purpose. Whether it is to take care of our family, excel at a chosen career, help others achieve their goals – or all of the above – there is a driving force present. If we all have a desired goal or objective, then it makes perfect sense that our organizations should also function with a purpose.
Most businesses operate with the goal of gaining profits and appeasing shareholders. Read More