Life And Leadership Lessons From Stephen Hawking

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Life And Leadership Lessons From Stephen Hawking“However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.” – Stephen Hawking
The world recently suffered a huge loss with the death of physicist Stephen Hawking, a man known for his profound intelligence and humanity. His groundbreaking work in theoretical physics and cosmology made him a rock star of the scientific world. Read More

Prioritize People And Profits Will Follow

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Prioritize People And Profits Will FollowThe world of business is thought of as a cutthroat place. Many have the perception that one must do whatever is necessary to succeed and take down the competition in the process. In a world where this type of thinking takes precedence, selfishness and greed are the overriding characteristics.
Even when one is not completely obsessed with making money at all costs, profit is the underlying factor at the majority of organizations. Read More

Being Vulnerable Shows True Strength

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Being Vulnerable Shows True Strength“The green reed which bends in the wind Is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”
We are often told to be strong when times are tough. Surrendering and giving in to emotions during difficult periods is viewed as showing weakness. This is especially true in the workplace and business environment.
Those who can be flexible or can show some emotion are often dismissed or ignored. Read More

Women Leaders Are A Force To Reckon With

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Women Leaders Are A Force To Reckon WithMarch marks National Women’s Month, a time set aside to honor women and their various accomplishments. Recognizing women who have achieved so much throughout their lives and have made an impact on the world is a noble and needed cause.
Honoring and acknowledging women’s capabilities may seem like a small token in the larger scheme of things but it does make a difference. When people are made aware of what women have done and can do in the future, it is inspiring and eye opening. Read More

Don’t just be good – be great

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Don’t just be good – be greatThere are good companies and there are great companies. The good companies are led by competent people who are intelligent, have business savvy and are confident and competitive. Great companies are led by people who encompass all of these traits plus compassion.
Compassion is a missing component from companies that are good. While these organizations may perform well and keep stakeholders happy with the progress, they most likely Read More

Leaders can take inspiration from top athletes

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Leaders Can Take Inspiration From Top AthletesThe world’s elite athletes are currently gathered in South Korea for the winter Olympics. It is here that the top performers from various countries compete with one another for the gold. What these athletes do to reach this point is not that different from what the most effective leaders must also accomplish.
So, it comes as no surprise that many athletes are also successful entrepreneurs. Among tennis stars, Venus Williams has an interior design company while Anna Sharapova began a candy line. Read More

Be The Kind Of leader Who Inspires And Motivates

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Be The Kind Of leader Who Inspires And MotivatesGood leaders share common characteristics. They are compassionate, honest, responsive, fair, courageous and much more. These attributes add up to a person who brings out the best in others. Arguably, this quality is the greatest strength of a leader.
A good leader inspires others to do their best even – or especially – when the chips are down. That is because good leaders understand that they are working with human beings, not machines. So, it makes sense to focus on bringing out the best in everyone around them. Read More

Infuse Transparency Into Your Company Culture

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Infuse Transparency Into Your Company CultureTrust is the basis of any good relationship. At a personal and professional level, it is of the utmost importance that people have confidence in you. As a leader in the business world, people look to you for guidance and the best way to gain valuable trust is to be open and transparent.
“When you admit to your follies, your team members will be more willing to do the same. When you share openly about what hasn’t gone right, they’ll then feel more Read More

Don’t Be Afraid To Act On Curiosity

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Don’t Be Afraid To Act On CuriosityThe old saying that “curiosity killed the cat” evokes negativity about being inquisitive because the idiom warns that doing so will end in disaster. While it is never good to be overly interested in things that don’t concern you, lacking curiosity makes for a bad leader.
When a person is curious it also demonstrates that he or she has humility. Curiosity is part and parcel of humility because asking questions means that you are admitting that you are not aware of something and need help. Read More

Learn To Be Fearless

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Learn To Be FearlessBeing afraid is a common emotion. We can be fearful of many things – heights, spiders, the dark. These are common fears. Another one is being afraid of the unknown and this is a condition that can be more difficult to overcome than being afraid of the dark.
The unknown is scary because of the great sense of uncertainty. It is hard to anticipate what will happen, so planning becomes difficult. However, this type of fear should never stop you from doing what you want. This is especially true of good leaders. Read More