Teams thrive in the right culture

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Office employees with NKC

An individual can rarely accomplish great things by him or herself. It takes teamwork, collaboration and support from others to achieve lofty heights. This becomes clear when working in an organization. Each and every person has something to contribute – whether it be cleaning the floors or making decisions worth millions of dollars. Read More

Be vulnerable to showcase authenticity

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NKC sir with weavers

Society has always admired strength. Those people and institutions that are strong are the ones that survive. Countries who show strength are the most powerful and respected. Weakness is regarded as quite negative, especially in a business environment. Read More

Don’t lose your consciousness in an unconscious world

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I speak a lot of consciousness and how businesses today are awakening to make deeper connections with their customers and employees. When I began my business years ago, there were no such terms such as “consciousness” or “mindfulness” but when I look back, I think many of us have been practising these things for years. Read More

It pays to empower women

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When I was raising my daughters years ago, I was told by many family members that I should not waste my time educating them. Sadly, this is a prevailing attitude across India. Read More

Foster leadership at all levels

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Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. These are names that everyone is familiar with – innovative and passionate leaders who have moved their respective companies to the forefront of the business world. Read More

Leaders who love, make the biggest impact

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The old saying that money can’t buy love is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s business environments. That is because people no longer want to work for just a paycheck. While we all have basic needs that can only be satisfied monetarily, our desire for personal interactions and general well-being just cannot be purchased. Read More

Don’t treat consumers like fools

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There is a very well-known saying in the business world that the “customer is always right.” This means that no matter what – even if the customer actually is wrong – it is our job to make them feel happy and satisfied. Read More

Humility is the essence of good leadership

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NKC with Children

I grew up in a family of business people. My relatives operated small shops and I have witnessed various types of business practices – some good, others bad. Because I have been surrounded by this environment my entire life, I learned a lot and have seen the result of running a business with the sole goal of making profits. The results are not good. Read More